Tuesday, July 16, 2024

ΑναγνωστήριοIn the reading room, users can access and search the library’s main catalogue, which includes the Argenti collection and the Theotoka collection. Books acquired before the 90’ are catalogued the old fashion way, in other words on handwritten library cards, whereas books acquired after 1990 are being catalogued electronically.

Most of the library’s material, as well as the entire Argenti and Theotoka collection, have already been catalogued using the AVEKT 5.6 software, designed by the National Documentation Centre. One of the library’s main goals is to complete the electronic cataloguing of all available material, including rare books and new acquisitions, so as to improve services and increase accessibility.

Based on the library’s rules and regulations, library users may photocopy up to 20 pages per book, provided the books were published after 1950. Books published prior to that date, as well as old material and rare books may not be photocopied but may be reproduced using a digital camera.